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Black Box

KPTCL is striving to build a strong work ethic in its entire work force including officers at all levels.

Join us in waging a war against corruption and unethical practices and in isolating the black-sheep among workers and officers of KPTCL, by reporting instances of all illegitimate demands for money, demands for bribes, discourtesy and connivance in any illegal and unlawful act.

In order to root out corruption at all levels, KPTCL has introduced the Black Box System. The objective of the Black Box is to encourage customers and general public to lodge specific complaints on corruption in the organisation, without any fear or inhibitions.

Rest assured that the complainant's identity will be kept confidential and investigated in good faith.

The Black Box, with proper superscription of its purpose on it, Will be located at the following places throughout Karnataka. It's key will be in the custody of designated Senior Officer.

  • DIG (Vigilance) at Cauvery Bhavan, Bangalore-9.

  • Respective Zonal Chief Engineers, Electricity at all O & M Zonal Offices.

  • Superintending Engineers, electricity , at all O & M Circle Offices.

Written complaints of corruption against workers and officers of KPTCL should be put in sealed envelops by the aggrieved customer and dropped in the Black Box located in the above places.As for as possible, please give specific information.

  • The custodian of the Black Boxes will open it's sealed lock every Monday at 11 a.m. If Monday happens to be holiday, it will be opened on the next working day at 11 a.m.

  • All complaints shall be recorded in a confidential register maintained only by the Custodian an each complaint given serial number.

  • The complaints shall be acknowledged on the same day by post.

  • Custodian of the Black Box will initiate investigation and take appropriate action on the complaints received.

Power theft

Power theft is big drain on the Corporation's exchequer.

Theft and pilferage of power by some people deprives you, the honest customer, of your legitimate share of electricity - Join us in fighting this menance by promptly reporting cases of theft and pilferage of electricity, unauthorised drawl of electricity, tapping of power during functions and social events without approval and tampering of meters, whenever they come to your notice.

Do not hesitate to report power theft to the Vigilance Cell or drop the complaint in the Black Box of the Corporation in case you notice power theft in your area or any where else.

Your identity will be kept totally confidential.

Detection of power theft results in better distribution to honest customers.Your cooperation in this regard will be greatly appreciated by KPTCL and rewarded.

Type of Malpractices to be reported by Customers if detected by them.

Misuse : Unauthorised additional load. Unauthorised extension of power Supply beyond premises. Using Power Supply to different category other than sanctioned.

Theft : Tampering of meter and meter seal. Bypassing the meter. Tapping from the distribution line.

Payment of Power Bills

KPTCL is facing a financial crunch, partly on account of non-payment or delayed payments of bills by customers. The Corporation is making every endeavor to ensure that customers are able to pay their bills at convenient collection points either by cheque or by cash or even through the Debit Card System wherever feasible. All the collection centres are being computerised for quick service.

It is the responsibility of every customer to pay the power bills on or before the due date to help KPTCL render better service. Defaulter in payment of bills stand to face the inconvenience of disconnection of installation.

KPTCL has provided mobile cash collection counters in certain areas in Bangalore City.The collection vans are parked at convenient points in residential areas during fixed timings for the benefits of the busy offices-goers and old and infirm customers.

We have also placed box at each Sub-Division Offices to accept payments through cheques. Please use this facility.You may drop a crossed cheque towords your electricirty bill giving details of the RR No. and the customer's name at the back of the cheque. We guarantee sending you an official receipt within three days. This facility will save you the trouble of waiting in long queues for payment of bills.

Several facilities are being extended to enable you to pay power bills easily.

  • Cash Counter*
  • Mobile cash counter at Bangalore City.
  • Cheque collection Boxes.
  • Through select Banks.
  • Electronic clearance Scheme(Selected Sub-Divisions in Bangalore)
  • Through CITI Bank Suvidha at Bangalore City.

   * Open on Holidays and Sundays in Sub-Divisions

Complaint-Cum -Suggestion Box

All Sub-Division offices of KPTCL will keep a Box into which your complaints about the existing system of working or your valuable suggestions to improve the system could be dropped.This box will be open at weekly intervals by the appropriate authority. Your complaints/suggestions will receive immediate attention and intimation sent to you provided you mention your address and telephone number.

Useful suggestions from customers which result in tangible improvement in the system, better customer service or save considerable money for the Corporation will be rewarded suitably.

General Information Energy Tariffs and Billing Information

  1. Energy Tariffs and Billing Information for different categories of customers are available separately.

  2. This manual is available at all Sub-Divisions for reference purpose.

  3. Changes to energy Tariff and billing procedures will be published in newspapers.

  4. The tariff manual is available for sale.Sale copies can be had from Sub-Divisional Officer/Assistant Accounts Officer on payment of prescribed fees.

  5. Interest on late Payment : Interest applicable will be levied for the period beyond 15 days of issue of bill.

Like all other public utilities, KPTCL on the one hand and the customers on the other, face a common problem - the middlemen.

Over the years, the pernicious practice of getting work done through a middleman, often encouraged by some employees and more often than not, acquiesced to by customers, illegitimate demands for money in the name of KPTCL, inordinate delays etc.

We would like to know that there is absolutely no need for you to go through any middleman for work that you need to get done in the KPTCL offices.

We actively encourage you to contact our field officers directly for any of your problems. You will be pleasantly surprised that your work will get done faster and without harassment.

Let us together eliminate the middleman.


Do not resort to crude make-shift lighting arrangements during functions

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