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About Us

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Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited is a registered company under the Companies Act, 1956 was incorporated on 28-7-1999 and is a company wholly owned by the Government of Karnataka with an authorised share capital of Rs. 1455 crores. KPTCL was formed on 1-8-1999 by carving out the Transmission and Distribution functions of the erstwhile Karnataka Electricity Board.

KPTCL is headed by a Chairman and Managing Director at the Corporate office. He is assisted by four functional Directors. The Board of KPTCL consists of a maximum of twelve directors.

Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited is mainly vested with the functions of Transmission of power in the entire State of Karnataka and also Construction of Stations & Transmission Lines and maintenance of 400/220/110/66 KV Sub-Stations. Many new lines and Sub-Stations were added & existing stations were modified in the Transmission network. It operates under a license issued by Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission.

KPTCL serves nearly 2.01 crores consumers of different categories spread all over the State . KPTCL has installed capacity of 15052.00 MW. KPTCL has 4 No. 400 KV Station, 94 No. of 220 KV Station, 375 No. of 110 KV Station and 585 No. of 66 KV Station. The Total Transmission Line in CKMs is 33204 as on 31.03.2015.

The various wings of KPTCL is as follows :
• Corporate Office at Kaveri Bhavan, Bangalore
• Six Transmission zones, each zone is headed by a Chief Engineer.
• State Load Despatch Centre
• SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

The annual turnover of the Organisation was nearly Rs. 2384 crores during the year 2013-14.

KPTCL Unbundled

Government vide order No. 69 BSR 2001 Bangalore, dated 15/02/2002 has unbundled KPTCL and formed four distribution companies.

Consequent to this the function of distribution of power has been totally separated from KPTCL. KPTCL is now vested with the responsibility of transmitting power all over the State and construction and maintenance of Stations and lines of 66KV and above.

The four newly formed independent distribution companies, which were registered on 30/04/2002, are Bangalore Electricity Supply Company, Mangalore Electricity Supply Company, Hubli Electricity Supply Company and Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company. They have started functioning w.e.f.. 01/06/2002. These companies are incharge of distribution of power within their jurisdiction.

The Fifth Distribution Company Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation limited is a company incorporated under the company act 1956 and is a successor entity to Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) and MESCOM in respect of Distribution and retail supply of Electric power for five districts. Its operation started from 01.04.2005 as per the GOK order E.N.08 P.N.R 2005/262.

PCKL was incorporated on 20th August, 2007 under the Companies Act, 1956 and commenced its business operations with effect from 16th October, 2007. PCKL is responsible for capacity addition and procuring power on behalf of the ESCOMs from various sources including purchase of power through Energy Exchange, Banking (SWAP) as well bilateral transactions. PCKL also co-ordinates with other States and Central Government agencies on power related issues.



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Home    About us    Mission Statement     ESCOMS     Open Access  

Careers    History   Tenders    Tariff    Statistics    ePrasarana

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