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About Us

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Name and Address of the Board of Directors of KPTCL

Sri. D.K.Shivakumar

    Hon'ble Minister for Energy, Govt. of Karnataka

    Chairman, KPTCL.,

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 080- 22258004

    The Chairman will only preside over the Board Meetings and provide necessary guidance for transacting business of the Company.

Sri. Jawaid Akhtar, IAS

    Managing Director, KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22244556 

    He has overall incharge of functions of KPTCL under the guidance of Board of Directors.

Sri. D.N.Narasimha Raju, IAS.,

    Additional Chief Secretary to Hon'ble Chief Minister,GOK &
    Director KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22253565

Sri. P.Ravikumar, IAS.,

    Additionl Chief Secretary to GOK, Energy Department & Director KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22252373

Sri. Dr. H.Basker, IAS

    Principal Secretary to GOK,Department of Public Enterprises and Director KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22372426

Sri. M.Maheshwar Rao, IAS

    Managing Director KPCL & Director KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22255606

Sri. I.S.N.Prasad, IAS,

    Principal Secretary to Government, Finance Department,GOK & Director KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22252078

Sri. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, IAS

    Managing Director,BESCOM & Director KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22126758

Sri. S.Sumanth

    Director(Transmission), KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22229496 

    He is the functional head incharge of technical matters involving Transmission activities of 66 KV above and assists C&MD.

Smt. Dr. Aditi Raja

    Director (Finance), KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22313047  

    She is the functional head incharge of Finance, Accounts, Audit and allied matters and assists C&MD.

Sri. M. Ramakrishna

    Director ( Admin & HR ), KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22212343 

Sri. R. Sridhara

    Director ( Regulatory Affairs) & Company Secretary, KPTCL

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22277396 

Sri. A.N.Jayaraj

    President , KEBEA

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22281049 

Sri. M.Nagaraju

    President, KPTCL Employees' Union

    Telephone Numbers : (O) 22258537 


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Home    About us    Mission Statement     ESCOMS     Open Access  

Careers    History   Tenders    Tariff    Statistics    ePrasarana

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